For our Fans only

For our Fans only

Lip Filler Special

V day at Juvanni is about lips.  

I always tell my clients that most ladies aren’t aware that they have two faces, one is visible to the public. nested on top of their shoulders and the other one is hidden between their legs, tucked safely in the midst of their pelvic bones. Both faces hold a pair of lips and we at Juvanni help you keep both entrances into your insides, in top shape, hopefully throughout your life spans!  Come celebrate V day with us with a flipping’ lip filler sale to tip the Lady Luck in your favor (for all eternity).


Your favorite doctor!  

Sofia D 

P.S. Our Sexual and Pelvic Awareness event is occurring on February 4th from 1pm to 5pm @ the Juvanni office. You can see some of our special protocols on the marketing flyers, however the details will be presented during the session. I plan to telecast this session on zoom for those of you who cannot join us in person but are still interested in finding out more. Therefore, please make sure that you text us your intention. Since the in-person slots are limited, I would like most of you to attend this via zoom (you can consider this a Fans only promo). This is going to be relevant for those of you who want to get first dibs at these protocols before the prices double or triple in the coming weeks. We will be following the market rate after February 22nd.

P.S.S. I'm sure that most of you who get injected by me are aware that most of my fillers start at $950, F.Y.I. this is a true special and not a marketing scam. The market rate for most of these treatments start at $4500 in experienced doctors' hands in NY or LA, like myself. At Juvanni the routine price of lip filler starts at $950 and most of these packages are $3500 and above. Therefore, if you cannot make it in person on that day, we will be taking your calls to reserve your special. We will require 50% down payment if you would like to Lock in the cost of treatment for yourself. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.  However, if you decide to change your mind about which service to get at Juvanni, we would be happy to switch the credit. Please also remember that the lip filler application for $675 if you would like to get it on your vaginal labia you'd be better off getting 2, because one application will not cover the entire area even at micro doses.  

P.S.S.S. Ok I've said enough if you would like an invitation, please text 914-368-6609 and someone from my office will get in touch with you to give you the green light.For the complete green light to go ahead with any of these treatments, you will need a normal pap smear and a normal pelvic or prostate ultrasound plus a complete blood and hormonal workup. So, please get your clearances in order before considering our special protocols.