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As a result of the natural aging process, it is common for fat to accumulate underneath the chin, creating an unappealing “double chin” appearance. At Botox Guru at Juvanni MedSpa®, we offer Kybella® injectable treatments to destroy submental fat underneath the chin without invasive procedures or downtime.
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In a recent survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, over 60 percent of men and women stated that they are displeased with the appearance of their lower faces due to excess fat underneath the chin. 
In the past, this cosmetic concern was only able to be addressed with surgical procedures such as liposuction. Kybella® now offers a quicker, safer solution with no downtime and long-lasting results.

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The first FDA-approved injectable treatment for the lower face, Kybella® is comprised of deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in the body and plays a key role in the breakdown and absorption of fat. When injected into the fatty tissues underneath the chin, Kybella® destroys fat cells and prevents them from accumulating or storing fat in the future, creating tighter contours and eliminating your double chin.
Administered as a series of small injections in strategic points in the lower face, Kybella® is a quick, comfortable treatment that is easy to fit into any busy schedule and is typically well-tolerated by patients.


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Kybella® has been extensively studied and tested as part of a global clinical development program, with over 20 clinical studies performed and over 1,500 patients treated successfully and with few instances of major side effects. As with any injectable treatment, slight bruising, swelling, and redness are common at injection sites but should subside shortly after treatment.
Kybella® should always be administered by a medical professional, as incorrect dosages and uses can potentially result in complications. Our medical team at Botox Guru at Juvanni MedSpa® has extensive experience in injectable treatments for safe, predictable results.
Although Kybella® permanently destroys fat cells, future weight gain, gravity, and the natural aging process can affect results. Kybella® should not be considered a substitute for diet and exercise, and results may vary from patient to patient. We will develop a customized treatment plan that most directly benefits you and your unique needs.

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