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Botox Guru at Juvanni Med Spa in Yonkers, NY

Dr. Din has over 25 years experience of working in the healthcare industry in both Eastern and Western medical systems. As an immigrant from Pakistan, her medical training has taken place across two continents, which gives her a uniquely holistic perspective while following cutting-edge medical advances!
Board-certified in family medicine her main focus and area of expertise is managing Anti-aging solutions over decades. She helps clients in proactive management of their body which leads to short and long-term anti-aging and lifespan expansion.

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She is simultaneously an ardent student and a trail-blazing thought leader in the rapidly evolving field of Aesthetic Anti-aging medicine over the past 9 years with hundreds of regular concierge clients coming for routine anti-aging treatments from across the United States.
Her Book “Do we really need Botox” is one of the first in describing better methods & details of holistically crafting our anti-aging experience. It includes her insights into her own experience of anti-aging tools which are written for her nonmedical audience in an effort to help them understand the changing needs of a longer lifespan.
We are a highly sophisticated Anti-aging and Weight-Management Center. We believe that most people age abnormally and healthcare is largely not directed at health and wellness. Therefore our focus is largely on wellness and healthy aging practices (Physical and Mental).

Our Skin Specialists and Doctors specialize in Customized Skin and Body Rejuvenation. We offer services ranging from mind and body transformation, Hair Restoration, PRP stem cell treatments, micro-needling, lasers, Botox and filler injections, Skin tightening & IV vitamin infusions. 
With the addition of Hagar’s Foundation (non-profit) for Single Moms, we are shifting our focus to extending wellness to a segment of our society that we consider vulnerable. Our consultation is free of charge. We invite our clients to sponsor our efforts to help out Single moms and their struggling kids. To find out how you can help, explore our website, or contact us.

We promote Health, Vitality, and Beauty

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Board Certified Family Medicine & Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine located in Yonkers, NY


Medspa Yonkers NY

Dr. Sofia Din is a board-certified anti-aging expert, integrative medicine doctor, and MD with an emphasis on Primary Care, Geriatrics, and Aesthetic Anti-aging Practices. Having practiced medicine in New York for over 15 years, Dr. Din’s practice focuses on extending vitality and productivity as men and women live, work, play, and thrive across longer lifespans.
Dr. Din specializes in skincare solutions, customized weight loss plans, elective cosmetology, IV-vitamin infusion, medical marijuana treatments, addiction medicine, and a wide variety of anti-aging procedures and therapies. 
Her work in preventative and anti-aging solutions has redefined both the beauty and medical industry as she works with patients to impact their internal and external concerns. 

Medspa Yonkers NY
Medspa Yonkers NY


Medspa Yonkers NY

Online and in-person training classes for Doctors, NPs and PAs who believe in the art and science of anti-aging medicine and wish to train further in developing skills in the proper use of Anti-aging Medications and Machines. 

By visiting Botox Guru at Juvanni MedSpa®, patients benefit from the expertise of board-certified family medicine doctor and integrative specialist Sofia Din, MD. 
Serving members of the Yonkers, New York community, the goal of Dr. Din and the team of aesthetic and medical professionals is to help men and women live, work, play, and thrive across longer lifespans, offering skincare solutions, cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers, microneedling, IV vitamin infusions boost your immune system, so you’re protected from contagious viruses. 
The caring team can also test your metabolic rate and design a personalized weight loss program. For people with chronic conditions, the practice offers evaluations to determine if you qualify for medical marijuana treatments.


Medspa Yonkers NY

Sabrina B.

"Her facials have revived my skin and her lasers have eradicated my acne. I am forever grateful to Dr. Din and her team!"

Liam O.

"Wow. Juvanni Med Spa is DA BOMB! Absolutely amazing."

Mail A.

"I absolutely LOVE the results! I am so grateful I found her and I will definitely be going back to her again!"

Mariam M.

"Was very happy with my treatment. No more Eye bags. Wonderful doctor and staff. Will recommend to family and friends."

Nawaz A.

"Great experience and very friendly and pleasant doctors and staff. I recommend everyone who needs goog quality treatment at reasonable cost."

Sophia C.

"My entire family has followed me here, getting various services like laser, facials and massages(they were men). I would recommend this place to everyone."

Ayesha T.

"I feel better about myself ! I would highly recommend Dr. Din. I trust her completely!"

John C.

"I would never use anyone else and will continue to recommend Dr. Din to anyone that is thinking of doing any cosmetic enhancements."

Sarah J.

"You only need to go to Juvanni Medspa once to know that any other Doctor you may know comes nowhere near to Dr. Din's expertise. I have so much trust and faith in her"