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Botox Guru at Juvanni MedSpa in Yonkers, NY

Dr. Sofia Din has practiced medicine in New York for over 15 years, Dr. Din’s practice focuses on extending vitality and productivity as men and women live, work, play, and thrive across longer lifespans.
We are a highly sophisticated Anti-aging and Weight-Management Center. We believe that most people age abnormally and healthcare is largely not directed at health and wellness. Therefore our focus is largely on wellness and healthy aging practices (Physical and Mental).

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Getting to speak my message at Gaston hall felt like magic because it looks like Hogwarts!! And it’s a coincidence that antiaging medicine can feel like magic also(even though it’s completely rooted in science). I am aware that this talk should have happened in 2020, right after my book release, but Covid brought a pause in our lives which allowed me to simmer in my ideas a bit longer. For which I am very grateful! I want to thank so many people who helped me get to this point! Most of all I owe thanks to my homies in my team and my handful of mentors who guided me through each step of preparation and execution. I hope this talk helps you understand your connection to your own body mind complex better. If you like this talk about anti-aging medications and treatments, pls feel free to follow my youtube channel and subscribe to my newsletter.



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Local geriatrician aims to change the conversation.


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Laura and Dr. Din talk about their lives, their bodies, their insecurities, and their tips and tricks for living longer and feeling younger.


Med spa near me

Dr. Sofia Din discussing IV vitamin infusions and beauty trends for 2020 on Good Day LA for Fox News 11 Los Angeles, California.

Beauty Trends for 2020 are mostly health-oriented! We started the year with the risk of a deadly virus spreading all across the world and mostly affecting older geriatric populations! A quick way of boosting our immune system is to take vitamin iv infusions!