3 things to give up in order to Live Longer!

3 things to give up in order to Live Longer!

Weight management is one of the most important pillars of anti-aging across the entirety of your life span!  

Life in a 1st world nation is rife with tasty cuisine available at your doorstep at the click of a button. This ease of consumption has created an epidemic of obesity.  

Yes, I have heard of Ozempic or Wegovy, the brand names for Semaglutide (the new fat fad drug). Initially I was very happy when I first heard people rave about it, however, very soon this medication which was initially prescribed for diabetics, started showing some adverse effects that I am not ok with. For example, I am not ok with the serious risk of developing cancer while I am trying to lose weight. Therefore, I refuse to prescribe it since its top side effect is thyroid cancer! So, there you go, you have my answer! There is one more side effect that has been manifesting recently, it makes your face lose its fat and collagen content in a way which is not uniform, thereby increasing your need for fillers. So, on the one hand you can start losing weight but on the other hand your face starts looking older and sometimes misshapen. I don't particularly love this adverse effect but I know that if God forbid it happens, it can be reversed with some fillers.  So, god forbid, if somebody needs it, we will be able to refurbish the collagen supplies. So, the cost of extra fillers should be added to your weight loss treatment with semaglutide. I have not seen this side effect with HCG which is also a subcutaneous injection prescribed for weight loss management, however it mainly targets your midgut area.

I am including a screenshot of Ozempic Side-effects from Epocrates, which is one of the sites that doctors use to look up available pharmaceutical medications in the United States.

Anyway, as part of improving the longevity of your health span I prefer safer choices. In my practice we have helped people with safer options like HCG (which unfortunately is still not covered by your insurance), but is a great method to control the addictive behavior we develop in regards to food. It’s not your fault that the food items you find all around, are made to make you over eat.  

Food rehabilitation is not only one of the most important factors for conservation of your health but is also the most difficult.  

So, when my team mentioned what to give up on Lent, a light bulb went off in my head! Several religions and cultures prescribe fasting and now we all are aware of the benefits of fasting which allows your body to experience autophagy which improves its function! But HCG is a bit different. It is more of removing fat, sugars, carbs and alcohol completely for 3 to 6 weeks!  

I combine our program with fat metabolizers like L-carnitine and energy boosters like B-12 & MIC. This is available as a weekly program where you need to come visit us to get assessed in person.  I also like to add intravenous vitamins and mineral supplements which I like to add during week 3 and at week 6 for best results.

If you have like many of us, failed several yo yo diet fads, and have gained a few layers of unwanted fat around your mid sections (after all the great parties 🎊) it’s time to release yourself from weight of food as it sits upon your body before it makes you sick.  

I do like to combine these weekly weight management sessions with Coolsculpting for those of you who may need it.

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Lots of Love,

Sofia D.