50 Shades of Vanity

50 Shades of Vanity

The strings that bind our consciousness together from outside are padded with layers of Hyaluronic acid molecules! As we age these paddings become slippery and melt away causing our skin to lose its elasticity and architecture.  

Just like your heart fails or your kidneys fail, your skin also fails as you go through time and experience. Your skin, also the largest organ of your body, is a bag that holds your consciousness through the decades you spend on this revolving planet 

 & holds you together through the topsoil that transmits earth’s gravity into your system to bind it together.  

As the years pile on! Your skin gives way and fails. When your skin fails, it falls. Pulling your mood, affect and memory down until it’s part of the topsoil all over again. 

Billions of humans before you have lived and died wondering how to gain agency over the disintegration of their system.  

Modern medicine has helped us stretch our lifespan over the past century! But only recently did we learn to anti age!  

Dear kids,  

Vanity is a superpower which your mom and dad told you to ignore and definitely not focus upon unless you are a girl of a certain age but guess what, they were wrong! By the time you reach the middle of my talk you would realize that what I will tell you is correct 

By the time I finish my talk I want you to wonder where the best or nearest anti-aging work is happening around your town.

If you have read this far, Welcome to the first draft of my upcoming Tedx Talk! The theme for this February at Juvanni is "50 Shades of Vanity" and I invite you to register for tomorrow's event where we are hosting a couple of designers as well as industry leaders in anti-aging equipment and tools. If you have not done so I recommend registering below. If you miss this live broadcast don't worry, it will be recorded. It will be posted and I will make sure I email you the link.

Lots of Love

Sofia D

P.S. If you have any questions about our specials for tomorrow's event please don't hesitate to call or text 914-368-6609. 

P.S.S. Here is a sneak peak at the questions we have received so far and I will have the representative answer them live:

How many times you need Femilift to start the treatment for urinary incontinence? 

Does Femilift improve vaginal dryness?  

If someone has had normal childbirth, does she need Femilift?   

Do women need Femilift after menopause? Can Femi lift be combined with Alma duo?

Why would you recommend Alma duo with Femilift?   

Is Alma duo only for men? And will it allow them to take less medications for erectile dysfunction as they age?

How many times should a man get Alma treatment with Alma duo?   

What is a good age to start these lasers? What is a good time in the year to do facial lasers? What is a good time in the year to get pelvic lasers?

Will Alma duo prevent anyone from needing pills 

 for erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence? 

Are any of these treatments painful? And is there any downtime?  

How often do you suggest women to have sexual contact? 

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