A Disruptor in Non-surgical Face-lifting Technology

A Disruptor in Non-surgical Face-lifting Technology

One of the biggest disruptors in the landscape of surgical facelifts is a tool manufactured by a French aesthetic brand called Merz! The company produces several ingredients for the overall anti-aging of various parts of the skin. However, one of their products is a super powerful non-surgical facelifting device that harnesses specific frequencies of sound to help your skin stay intact, healthy, and firm year after year. When used regularly, it can minimize and sometimes even eliminate the need for resecting parts of your facial skin that have undergone aging.

 Since the advent of this technology over 15 years ago, it has been copied by Chinese and European machines offering skin tightening. Despite Ultherapy’s steep prices, the best results still come from the French!

 If you have never tried it or have tried it but not regularly, remember, there is no gym for your face. The face is the most exposed part of your body to all the elements of life. If you have accumulated a lot of mileage on your body, you may still need or desire one surgical procedure to remove failing or falling skin, but repeated surgery is never advised.

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