A few words about your favorite fillers

A few words about your favorite fillers

Do you look sad or angry when you are neither sad nor angry? 

Sometimes life can be a bitch and as we age, time imprints its impact in the form of wrinkles all over our faces. This damage is especially exaggerated around the mouth and around the eyes. This loss of collagen and resulting skin elasticity, heralds the start of  chronic skin failure and its earliest symptoms are permanent wrinkles etched into your skin. 

If you are wondering, who can help you find solutions to erase this damage. The answer is yes, there are thousands of amazing injectors in the world and at Juvanni you have one of the best in New York.  

Lip filler or under eye filler is not a necessity when you are in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s. However as we approach perimenopause our body stops producing and replacing lost collagen. This is the time when we recommend treating your face with a little bit of anti-aging medication, for example HA Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid Fillers). HA Fillers are safe to use in the "right hands". In order for you not to become botched or look overdone, it's important that you find an injector with a lot of experience and at Juvanni that's what you will get "lots of experience". We have over a decade of preserving and maintaining beautiful faces and results under our belt. 

As you go through menopause and the later stages of your life, a judiciously placed HA Filler will allow you to preserve the architecture of your face. We are not here to turn you into an exotic fish from another planet but to help you preserve your beauty. For the first time in human history, anti-aging medications have allowed us to gain agency over how quickly our body will disintegrate as we go through time. But unfortunately, many of these medications that prevent chronic skin failure are not covered by insurance and are an out-of-pocket expense. For this reason at Juvanni we also offer financing for those of you who qualify.  

As always I invite you to ask me questions, if you have any, by texting us at 914-368-6609 

I send you my love, 

Sofia D.