A Page from Your Botox Diary

A Page from Your Botox Diary

A random page from my Botox diary about you, might look like an ordinary series of consent filled dates and numbers of units that made it into your body, but to me, these are important milestones and tiny steps, that will make up your overall experience in the land of anti-aging medicine.

In the past decade of work in this evolving field of aesthetic industry, I have come to conclude that all anti-aging medications are best managed at the minutest doses possible, in order to preserve the fabric of your skin over the longest term, but Botox is the most important one to manage at lower doses since it can make your face look stuck and frozen in time if overdosed.

I like to remind my clients that Botox is like a meat tenderizer that we place in the scrunch of skin around their foreheads and eyes. This is where it relaxes your facial muscles a bit and, as a result, when you make routine facial expressions, you create less creases. Remember, most of your routine facial expressions will get etched in your facial skin as you go through time, thereby distorting your perception of self to an older version of your face.

The relaxation and the resultant preservation of your skin with many of the currently available anti-aging tools, will allow you agency over your perception of self for a much longer period of time by slowing down the rate of skin degradation.

People also ask me how long should the effect of a “baby Botox” dose last?  

The answer to this question is as unique as the vision of life you wish to lead. Even though I am a firm believer in “baby Botox “, which means very small doses that roughly correspond to less than half of your body’s chronological age, I am aware of the caveat, that these won’t last as long as a heavy dose. So, if you like baby Botox doses, you may want a touch up every 2 or 2.5 months (you’ll need to manage the added hassle of frequent appointments.)  Please keep in mind, that “baby Botox” doesn’t increase the total amount of product you will use in a year. It’s just spread out to help you feel and look natural while anti-aging and still retain all facial movements.  

However, if you are someone who is always going at a million stressful thoughts a day, your body may burn your anti-aging medications faster than someone who is maintaining a zen master’s calmness around their life events! And therefore, the premise of this email is that we can customize the management of your favorite anti-aging medication to align with your lifestyle.

Please be aware that a significant factor in your body’s aging depends on the amount of stress and cortisol you subject yourself to.  

Not to forget all the other inflammatory chemicals that you accumulate routinely, for example alcohol, sugar, lack of sleep or even toxic relationships! Therefore, as you age, the dose combination of different anti-aging medications, machines and skin infusions must evolve to suit your ongoing needs.

With love 

Sofia D. 

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