A Stitch in Time with PDO Threads

A Stitch in Time with PDO Threads

PDO threads are surgical sutures, non-surgically placed under your skin to lift areas experiencing laxity. When performed appropriately by trained professionals, they enhance your anti-aging experience and prevent the need for surgical correction. Here are a few frequently asked questions I encounter: Do you need other skin tightening tools like Ultherapy if you use PDO threads? If you are over 50 and experiencing menopausal symptoms, consider having Ultherapy once a year and add PDO threads in areas that require extra support.  Do you still need Botox and HA fillers if you use PDO threads? Yes, Botox relaxes facial muscles, giving your skin a smoother appearance and preventing the excess scrunch of the facial muscles, particularly in your upper face. This spares you from developing permanent wrinkles. HA fillers are used in areas of your face that lose collagen as you age. Your face loses approximately 1% of collagen each year after you hit peri-menopause. For most people, this decline occurs in their 40s when their body stops producing collagen to replace the loss. PDO threads are surgical sutures designed for a lift & are not intended for collagen restoration.  How long do PDO threads last? Tiny threads can last for 6-8 months, but larger threads can last for over a year.  Can PDO threads be reversed after placement? This is where it gets tricky. Threads can't be reversed; you have to wait for them to dissolve. Therefore, when deciding to place threads, it's always wise to seek highly experienced skin tailors who perform these procedures regularly.  Can PDO threads prevent plastic surgery? Not by themselves, but they can be effective as a team with other non-surgical tools.PDO threads are a remarkable tool to help you preserve the integrity and architecture of your beauty throughout the long lifespan you're manifesting for yourself. When done routinely alongside other modalities such as skin tightening and lasers, they help your skin retain its youth without necessitating unnecessary surgical resection at your favorite plastic surgery office. As always, I welcome your feedback and questions. You can text or call me at 9143686609  


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