Barbie Botox at Juvanni (Also applicable for Ken)

Barbie Botox at Juvanni (Also applicable for Ken)

The universe is filled with clues to leading an abundant life and experiencing profoundness in all its depths and details. This thought reminds me to invite you to try the world's fastest-acting anti-aging medication: Botox! For the first time in human history, we have the means to re-experience our life's story without losing our perception of self as we traverse through the depth of time. Remember, your skin is the most vital organ you possess, and your face reflects the wellness of your existence. Maintaining your skin with good sleep, balanced nourishment, regular exercise, and adequate hydration over time will enhance your life's experience. In addition to these lifestyle habits, consider integrating some of the newly discovered medications. When applied judiciously in carefully controlled doses by trained doctors, these can facilitate the proper reversal of time on your skin. This August, I invite you to proclaim freedom from your wrinkles with our Barbie Botox special only at Juvanni. Save $50 when you purchase a baby Botox dose. The offer expires when India and Pakistan celebrate 76 years of independence on Aug 15th.

As always, I send you my love and best wishes. Should you have any questions, my team is available seven days a week to assist with your queries at 914-368-6609


Your favorite skin tailor @ Juvanni,

Dr. Sofia D.

This is me with Prof. Ken at the opening night of the movie "Barbie".