Bastille Day Special on Skinny Infusions

Bastille Day Special on Skinny Infusions

1. Boosting Your Immunity: To counteract the sins you commit against your body daily, the foremost objective is to strengthen your immunity. This is achieved using the "correct amounts" of antioxidants. This not only supports your immune system but also ensures you stay healthy as you revel in your daily activities, even as you expose yourself to external factors.

 2. Liver Detox: No amount of alcohol benefits your beauty. There comes a point where you must decide between flaunting fabulous skin and hair or soothing your emotional turmoil with a substance that paradoxically alleviates your mood while damaging your system.

 3. Longevity Of our Skin and Hair: Your hair is merely an extension of your skin. Sadly, your skin endures the worst form of trickle down economics amongst all your body organs; the essentials often don't reach it in time. That's why the uppermost layers of your dermis, which play a significant role in defining your appearance, are already dead. By infusing vital minerals and vitamins directly into your bloodstream, you can provide your skin with an anti-aging boost that slows its decay as you traverse through time. The added glutathione will ensure your skin radiates as your consciousness meanders through the corridors of fame and glory, untouched by time.

 The aim of skin infusions is to bend time in your favor, enhancing your internal chemistry and software as you re-experience the decades of your choice.

 At our core, humans are a series of chemical reactions unfolding beneath our skin, influenced by the food we eat, the hormones we produce, and the company we keep. As we go deeper into time and experience we need extra chances to refine the crafts we strive to perfect. These opportunities also necessitate prolonging the current versions of ourselves before advancing to the subsequent phases.

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 I send you my love,

 Dr. Sofia D.