Beauty is a Form of Energy

Beauty is a Form of Energy

Beauty is nothing but a form of energy; and to stay connected with yours, you must meet a skin specialist regularly! This visit should assist you in revisiting the most favorite versions of yourself!

One such visit idea is to get anti-aging facials each season! These are customized based on your age, skin type, and level of skin damage. They are recommended for people who are skin enthusiasts interested in preserving their skin’s youthful glow!

The best glass skin facial results manifest for those who combine them with our favorite blends of intravenous vitamins such as C and Glutathione skin infusions that Juvanni curates.

The choice of adjunct services is made after a thorough skin assessment by our skin specialist. These facials are recommended each season! The cost of basic resurfacing with dermaplaning or microdermabrasion is included with the basic package, which is currently sold at $275.

This can be a perfect gift idea for a parent, birthday, or anniversary.

For questions or to book, please feel free to contact my team via text or call at 914-368-6609

Lots of love,

Dr. Sofia D