Beauty is a Skin Club

Beauty is a Skin Club

That we enter when we break all the barriers of knowledge and awareness that are placed before us.

 If you are reading this, at some point you may have been included on my list as I was laying the foundations of a beauty company brick by brick & story by story about 12 years ago!

 For those of you who don’t know me, my personal story originated 26 years ago in NY as a newly minted doctor from Pakistan (some of you confuse me with Arabs, but no, Pakistanis are a different brand; we are the artists formerly known as “Indians,” but our ancestors let go of their identity during the dissolution of the British Empire in search of a new meaning) Please don’t ask me why. Perhaps they were disillusioned with their caste system imposed by Hinduism, which was determined by birth alone, and perhaps they didn’t want to remain a part of a segregated system of education and wealth. But as we all know in hindsight, destiny is everything. My life took several twists before I tied the wedding knot with a Kashmiri guy, also with “a perfect resume,” that landed me in my favorite city in the world as a young doctor bride and also a new mom in NY!

 While awaiting immigration, I resumed medical study to qualify for the United States licensing exams to pursue my lifelong dream of being a doctor in the land of my dreams!

 One of my distinct memories while studying was looking for odd jobs to make extra income and meeting my first few rejections. One of the bosses of a company basically told me that he couldn’t hire me because I was too qualified and was more educated than him while being half his age, leaving me wondering if I had to dim my light to get chosen for work!

 Fast forward 26 years, as part of my next stage of lifelong learning, after working for over two decades on the East Coast, I recently started dreaming of also working on the West Coast. And as I applied for a license, they asked me to submit my resume! 

 How do you summarize 25 years of study since in the last decade alone I trained on various medications and modalities of FDA-cleared or approved medical-grade energy devices that helped me gain access and entry into the world’s best-known rejuvenation clubs of beauty! My work as the “Chief Rejuvenator” of your beauty and skin at Juvanni (one of my favorite companies) is nothing but a labor of love, where your continued patronage has led me to create a well-equipped body shop awaiting your quarterly or yearly arrival! And as I submit a resume to California boards, I am also tempted to submit it to you!

 Thank you for choosing me and trusting me with your beauty needs.

 Viva la beauty!

 Lots of love,

 Dr Sofia D.

P.S. As David Brooks correctly observes that our resume virtues are distinctly separate from our obituary virtues. Below is a a list of my resume virtues