Botox Party Alert!

Botox Party Alert!

At Juvanni, Botox is used as an anti-aging medication to assist you in reversing time and gaining agency over your body's aging.

Just like your heart fails or your kidneys fail as you go through time and experience, similarly your skin also ages and at some point, fails. When your skin fails, it falls. The earliest signs of skin failure are evident across the most exposed parts of your body for example: your face, neck, and hands. Some of the FDA cleared anti-aging medications that reverse the aging of your skin have been used regularly around the world, by over a billion people, for the past two decades. A lot of improvement has already been achieved in this rapidly evolving field of cosmetic injectables. The reason that none of these medications are covered by your health insurance in the United States is because the healthcare system does not recognize the failure of your skin as a disease or a problem that merits coverage. 

This is the reason you may have to buy it whenever you need it, until your insurance begins to cover it for anti-aging purposes. There is a caveat to all this! Your Botox injection treatments should not be confused with topical cosmetic stuff you use casually without considering the potential overall impact on your psyche! 

This is a form of injectable medication, and your doctor needs to know your ongoing doses. Please remind yourself that you change your Botox doctor just as often as your mental health therapist (usually that happens when things are not working well).

At Juvanni, once a year, during the  season of love I offer a gift towards your anti-aging treatments. This is my tribute to those of you who pursue the path of health and beauty in true alignment with modern scientific advances.


Sofia D

P.S. This Botox party is best suited for those of you who are due for their treatments this month.