Competence is its own reward

Competence is its own reward

An important lesson I learned as an anti-aging doctor is that the cardinal rule of self-love is to transcend the pursuit of perfection and instead seek longevity with health & wellbeing. Most people I meet in their sixth or seventh decade of existence are usually teetering at the doorstep of terminal illnesses. Keeping diseases of old age from taking hold of us requires rigorous self-discipline. And if you are also interested in maintaining a connection with your beauty, I suggest my top ten rules for its upkeep! They are listed below in case you missed that important message!

 1. Thou shalt hydrate your body. If you have trouble doing it appropriately, consider options like intravenous hydration.

2. Thou shalt eat real food, preferably in small amounts and loaded with less sugar.

3. Thou shalt abstain from the acid known as ETOH (alcohol): of all the acidic things you choose to consume daily (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol), choose to drop alcohol first. And if you are already addicted, please seek rehabilitation.

4. Thou shalt sleep in a timely manner, preferably a few hours before midnight!

5. Thou shalt harness your sexual energy. Find a balance through sex, exercise, or dance, and preferably synchronize all three for optimal health.

6. Thou shalt avoid toxic chemicals. This includes smoking or the abuse of other harmful substances like opioids or other narcotic painkillers. If unable to control, please seek rehabilitation if needed.

7. Thou shalt steer clear of toxic people. Hopefully, you will learn to identify such people, but this skill develops with experience through aging. But if you need to learn this in order to accelerate your understanding of self and others, seek therapy for faster training.

8. Thou shalt limit sun exposure: the one thing your dermatologist didn’t lie about. Use sunscreen and additional protection when necessary.

9. Thou shalt use anti-aging medications to proactively support your mind & body complex. Preferably choose FDA-approved medicines, prescribed by doctors who train in this field. If you can’t become one, go find one!

10. Thou shalt leverage anti-aging machines to proactively support your mind & body complex. Use FDA-approved devices, operated by trained healthcare technicians under the supervision of a competent physician. If you can’t train to be one, seek out an expert!

 Thanks for reading this, and if you find it useful, please share with someone you love ❤️!

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.