Customizing Your Botox Dose Through The Decades

Customizing Your Botox Dose Through The Decades

I always love to tell all my followers that devil and g-d reside in the details of your anti-aging doses. At Juvanni, the dose preparation for Botox doesn't change; the formula always remains the same unless the compound we are mixing changes! Botox has several clones that are prepared in slightly different concentrations. But the general concept for it all is to relax the scrunch of a muscle enough for it to retain movement but not to fold so hard that it creates a crease that gets etched across your skin before becoming a permanent feature in the scheme of your face, like a scar placed by time due to too much movement.

But relax, it won't end there. The skin of your face is especially prone to becoming either very fragile or rough depending on the types of skincare you provide to it through life!

Now, the same Botox formula is applied to everyone. Same formula, same mixture, same chemical content on all kinds of different faces of all skin types. It is my observation that your dose of Botox will fluctuate just like you will fluctuate through the decades!

Did you know that your skin is the capsule that holds your consciousness through time and gravity? It contains multitudes of constellations of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) chains that carry the keys sent forth to you by your ancestors who linked the chain of your life into theirs. Your skin is represented in your brain in layers that communicate with each other! Thereby transforming the perception of self into what you recognize as yourself! The mirroring of self by self and others must withstand the awareness of self as it shifts through a constant state of mind-body connection. This mind-body syncing can get disrupted by poorly calibrated doses.

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Dr. Sofia D.