Discerning between the Deep Fake and the Cheap Fake in Skincare

Discerning between the Deep Fake and the Cheap Fake in Skincare

The life of your beauty is by nature short. However, if you plan to bend time in your favor, I have a great tip. The length of your beauty depends on the deep fakes you learn to maneuver through your experience. 

 I love to talk about the “deep fake” and the “cheap fake” versions of your existence.

 One of the best treatments to preserve the perception of your facial expression and architecture is this non-surgical skin tightening procedure called Ultherapy. It’s FDA-approved for a non-surgical facelift. It’s a targeted sound wave that traverses through the entire thickness of your dermal layer, making it tighter while adjusting the collagen layer. 

 I love Ultherapy also because it’s manufactured by a French company that produces the best threads of sound on the planet. These sound waves are stronger than gravity and also a bit stronger than the nanoparticles of time passing through you as your skin grows through life. They last in your face for 9 months to a year and are an essential component of preserving your face whether you are considering surgical removal of excess skin or have already entered the era of post-surgical maintenance of an expensive facelift. 

 As you get older, and enter deeper into life and time, the struggle to hold on to your body gets more complex amidst the challenges of menopause and brain drag. That’s when I recommend it more frequently and feel free to combine it with other modalities like HA fillers, neurotoxin, or PDO threads. I prefer French sound bits for skin tightening and lift, because they are way more impactful than Chinese or Korean ones.

 To find out how to benefit from this extremely important anti-aging technology, please call or text my team at 914-368-6609.

As always, I send you my love,

 Dr. Sofia D.