Dive into 2024's Age-Defying Adventures with Juvanni's Exclusive Tips!

Dive into 2024's Age-Defying Adventures with Juvanni's Exclusive Tips!

Happy new year doesn’t start for you until you have jump started your body’s engine again! 

For most of you this start happens with your trip to someone like me, an anti-aging doctor! 

Time might be merely an illusion. But It’s impact on your mind body complex is real! As you go through your years, you’ll notice that Some months are rougher than others. Whether the months are great or difficult, you must supplement your system with appropriate nourishment and supplements to keep it well tuned, disease free , healthy and in a state of joy-filled purpose! 

I hope you have checked out the commands and commandments for my list of beauty tips for 2024, If not, they are listed below again! 

I hope it serves as a roadmap for improving your personal connection with your body. 

 1. Thou shalt Hydrate your body, if you have trouble doing it appropriately; Consider options like intravenous hydration.

 2. Thou shalt Eat Real Food: preferably in small amounts and loaded with less sugar 

 3. Thou shalt Abstain from the Acid known as ETOH(alcohol): of all the acidic things you choose to consume daily, (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol) choose to drop alcohol; this one should be the first one that you must drop! And If you are already addicted , please seek rehabilitation, 

 4. Thou shalt Sleep in a Timely manner: preferably a few hours before midnight!

 5. Thou shalt Harness your Sexual Energy: Find a balance through sex or exercise or dance and preferably synchronize all three  for optimal health.

 6. Thou Shalt Avoid Toxic Chemicals: This includes smoking or abuse of other harmful substances like opioids or other narcotics painkillers: If unable to control, please seek rehabilitation if needed.

 7. Thou shalt Steer Clear of Toxic People: hopefully you will Learn to identify such people but this skill develops with experience through aging; but if you need to learn this in order to accelerate your understanding of self and others:  seek therapy for training.

 8. Thou Shalt Limit Sun Exposure: the one thing your dermatologist didn’t lie about; Use sunscreen and additional protection when necessary.

 9. Thou shalt Use Anti-Aging Medications to proactively support your mind & body complex : preferably choose FDA-approved medicines,  prescribed by doctors who train in this field. If you can’t become one, go find one!

 10. Thou shalt Leverage Anti-Aging Machines to proactively support your mind & body complex : Use FDA-approved devices, operated by trained healthcare technicians under the supervision of a competent physician. If you can’t train to be one, seek out an expert!

In the end I thank all of you , who gave me permission to remind them of their awesomeness daily! 

Lots of love 

Dr. Sofia D.