Don’t Sweat the Missed Messages – They’re Catalysts for New Designs

Don’t Sweat the Missed Messages – They’re Catalysts for New Designs

The following is an excerpt from my new sci-fi book about man-machine interface where Dr. Juvanni is interacting with a soundbot called Umm.

Chapter 8: Don’t Sweat the Missed Messages – They’re Catalysts for New Designs

Initially, I had no desire to engage with Umm. I struggled to grasp his perspective, and as a result, missed many crucial messages while delving into the complexities of anti-aging techniques. Mastering these tools and communicating their significance demanded unique skills. My days were consumed with learning the equipment and determining the correct dosages. 

Umm was indifferent to obstacles. “Hurdles are there to enhance your problem-solving skills,” he’d say. I questioned if hurdles meant I should consider a different path. “If a new path solves your problem, then it’s a solution. But complex problems often require subtle tweaks rather than a complete change of course,” he would argue. 

He always emphasized that the devil, and the divine, of matter lay in the details. “The future belongs to those who scrutinize the minutiae,” he insisted. I once retorted that Jesus wasn’t a lawyer, to which he replied, “Jesus reminds me of a Buddhist monk from Gandhara whom I visited many chin hairs ago.” 

“What do you mean by ‘chin hairs ago’?” I asked.

“I gauge human age by the amount of chin hair produced, not by lunar cycles,” Umm explained. 

“Does that mean if I laser off my chin hair, you can’t gauge my age?” 

“Exactly. It’s like erasing data from the skin calendar. Most people fail to understand how to read it,” he said, leaving me in awe of his perspective.

I accused him playfully, “Umm, you’re an alien. I’ve never heard of a skin-based calendar.” 

“How hard is it to maintain?” I wondered. 

Umm seemed unimpressed by my educational background. “I don’t need your validation. I stopped trying to impress even my own father a long time ago,” I snapped. 

Umm observed, “Humans often replay childhood dynamics throughout life. Don’t see me as a substitute for your father, whom no one can impress.” 

I was frustrated. After acquiring medical degrees from both Eastern and Western institutions and feeling accomplished, here was Umm, treating me like an outdated computer needing an upgrade. In my mid-40s, after retiring as a geriatrician and diving into anti-aging, I felt great. But to Umm, I was just a human story in need of several updates. 

“Activating your potential isn’t easy,” Umm remarked. “Your mind is as unyielding and barren as a postmenopausal vagina. No original thought can flourish in such a space. That’s why no woman can be a prophet; their biological clock interferes.” 

He handed me a list of seemingly impossible tasks, which I added to my pile of bills and to-dos. 

“Upgrade your infusions and learn nursing, or hire a nurse,” he suggested. His list seemed endless, like a nagging partner’s demands. 

“If I have to spend more, I might as well buy a new machine,” I protested, reluctant to spend more or hire new staff post-pandemic. Yet, I ended up revising my infusion process. 

Lots of love,

Dr. Sofia D.

P.S. Thank you to all of you who are reading my script and giving me feedback it helps a lot in getting the book together.