Evolution of Juvanni Skin Infusions

Evolution of Juvanni Skin Infusions

This is a video I recorded shortly after the pandemic hit! I had significantly improved my skin glow-up infusions. I enriched the mix by adding a variety of micronutrients, creating a well-balanced and healthy concoction of vitamin and mineral supplements. 

 These supplements, which we typically consume or apply orally, were administered intravenously, sourced from some of the finest compounding pharmacies in Westchester, NY, New Jersey, Florida, and California. 

 This mixture felt like the ultimate emollient my skin, afflicted by autoimmune dysfunction, ever needed or wanted. I continued to add ingredients to it, which increased my costs. Now, it's almost perfectly aligned with any human body that allows it access. 

 However, today's story is about recording this clip. It took me 50 takes and the entire day, with people holding posters to remind me of what to say next, because we didn't have teleprompters back then. I wish I had cameras to capture how silly it all looked, but I'm glad everything came out perfectly polished. I must thank my speechwriter and marketing team for creating this concise advertisement and message for my Juvanni Skin Club clients.

 Lots of Love,

Sofia D.