Experience A Lift For Both Your Faces at Juvanni

Experience A Lift For Both Your Faces at Juvanni

Contrary to popular belief, you are blessed with not one, but two faces and several facets. 

 You have a public-facing face located between your shoulders and a private face located in your pelvic area! You show your public face to everyone and your private face to a select few. Both of your faces experience the sags and drags of aging and need a lift and restoration when you reach the 5th or 6th decade of your existence. I talk about the facelift for both your faces at Juvanni. 

 My favorite pelvic restorative technology, which is FDA cleared in the United States, is Alma Duo and Alma Femilift! They treat a host of problems for men and women, from improving urinary incontinence to increasing sexual health and blood flow. 

 To find out how these technologies can help you, please call or text 914-368-6609. 


Dr. Sofia D.