Fall in Love with Your Skin @Juvanni

Fall in Love with Your Skin @Juvanni

Please meet Botox.

When you place this medicine under your crinkle, it will help in anti-aging the fabric of your existence.

I like to place Botox superficially into the orbicularis of your eye! 


This helps you remove the crinkle into the skin fold at the corner of your eye!

Yes, I can see that it is getting a bit out of control as your skin is beginning to disintegrate as you are going deeper through time.

No, you don’t need to cut this extra skin away anymore! Your skin cells wish to remain a part of your body.

They make you, you.

Plus, they have important connections inside your  brain.


If you cut them away, their soulmate cells inside your brain will wither away and die in pain and suffering like lonesome lovers.

Therefore, I never advise chopping your skin as a first step towards anti-aging!

But if your skin has failed completely and is becoming an obstruction to your system, we send you to the best surgeon in town.

If you have any questions about Botox or any other anti-aging medication Please don't hesitate to reach out at 914-368-6609


Dr. Sofia D.