Finding Wellness On The Path To Beauty

Finding Wellness On The Path To Beauty

"In Pursuit of Beauty: I Found Health & Wellness!

As I wrap up my year, I came across a Neil deGrasse Tyson quote about career:

'Choose something you’ll do for free and make it a career.'

I’d do health, wellness & medicine for free! So, I am glad that I became a doctor! But over a decade ago, when I was in my early 40s, I started losing connection with my perception of self and felt as if my beauty was disintegrating. I feared it was due to aging!

So, over the next several years, I started Juvanni, a company whose mission statement was to pursue medical treatments in the realm of anti-aging, and I personally learned many of them!

To my amazement, these treatments were changing the way the human body aged. But they worked best only for those who followed the essential principles of health and wellness.

So, as part of beauty protocols, we developed a roadmap I like to call 'beauty commandments' for our clients at Juvanni. It was a roadmap for improving your personal connection with your body.

Thou shall Hydrate Adequately: Having trouble? Consider options like intravenous hydration.

Thou shalt Eat Real Food: Preferably in small amounts and laden with less sugar; it’s hard, yet essential.

Thou shalt Abstain from Alcohol: If this is difficult, seek a rehabilitation program.

Thou shalt Sleep in a Timely Manner: Preferably a few hours before midnight. If you have trouble, consult a doctor for sleep solutions.

Thou shalt Harness Your Sexual Energy: Find a balance through sex, exercise, or dance, and preferably synchronize all three activities for optimal health.

Thou Shalt Avoid Toxic Chemicals: This includes smoking or abuse of other harmful substances. If unable to control, please seek rehabilitation if needed.

Thou shalt Steer Clear of Toxic People: Hopefully, you will learn this skill with age; otherwise, seek therapy for training.

Thou Shalt Limit Sun Exposure: Use sunscreen and additional protection when necessary.

Thou shalt Use Anti-Aging Medications to Support Your Face and Body: Preferably choose FDA-approved ones prescribed by expert doctors. If you can’t become one, find one!

Thou shalt Leverage Anti-Aging Machines to Support Your Face & Body: Use FDA-approved devices, operated by trained healthcare technicians under the supervision of a competent physician. If you can’t train to be one, seek out an expert!

As we embrace a new year: let’s commit ourselves to adjusting our lifestyles to ensure health, wellbeing, and pursuit of beauty!"