Halting Time For Your Body With Anti-aging Treatments

Halting Time For Your Body With Anti-aging Treatments

As you navigate through the nanoparticles of time and as magnetic waves of gravity pass through your body from one moment to the next, you experience the oxidative stress of being alive! In the lifecycle of your system, there comes a point where you peak—usually in your early 30s. It’s very common for humans to maintain their peak for a decade or two, especially if they have incorporated healthy habits in their younger years.

 After a while, like everything else in the universe, your body will also begin the process of decline. This process of decline, decay, and disease is heralded by a pause. In women, we call it menopause. This pause also affects men, where we call it andropause. Whether you are a believer in the science of anti-aging or not, the technology has finally matured to assist in halting the decay and decline associated with aging.

 Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine may seem like magic, except that it is firmly rooted in scientific principles and requires a deep understanding of machines and medications developed over the last few decades. Doctors like myself have been training in the various modalities of FDA-approved and cleared methods for over a decade.

 If you are new to the concept of halting time for yourself or a loved one, please check out the details of different medications and tools on my website and feel free to call or text my team for more information at 914-368-6609

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 Dr. Sofia D.