How Does CoolSculpting in NYC Work?

How Does CoolSculpting in NYC Work?

NYC locals no longer need invasive surgery in order to remove stubborn deposits of fat that are keeping them from obtaining their ideal physiques. If you, like most people, struggle with love handles, fatty deposits at the backs of your arms, or have excess fat at your hips or inner thighs, CoolSculpting® could be the perfect procedure for you. This revolutionary fat-freezing technology can quickly and safely destroy stored fats for an impressive and permanent slimming effect. Following is everything you need to know about how this treatment actually works.

When any of the cells in your body are exposed to sufficiently low temperatures, they eventually freeze and crystallize. Although cells can certainly recover from a fair amount of damage, reaching the point of crystallization invariably causes cell death. In the instance of fat freezing, the localized and concentrated die-off of treated fat cells produces a remarkable slimming effect. This is excellent news for NYC residents who have struggled endlessly with love handles, a double chin, inner-thigh fat, muffin tops, and other disproportionate fat stores.

In terms of long-term CoolSculpting® results, this is far preferable to the way in which fat loss occurs with diet and exercise. When you cut calories or workout with the goal of creating a calorie deficit, all of your fat cells shrink. This is what ultimately makes dieters look slimmer once their hard work starts to pay off. Unfortunately, shrunken fat cells multiply at a much faster rate than they did before. This in turn increases the likelihood of future weight gain. Conversely, with cryolipolysis, targeted fat stores that are crystallized and removed from the body are never to be seen again.

Safe forays into fat freezing are only made possible by the fact that fat freezes at a considerably higher temperature than other tissues. As many NYC residents know, prolonged exposure to extreme cold can lead to serious problems such as frostbite as the skin, muscle tissues, and various elements of the vascular system succumb to exposure. By only lowering the temperature of the targeted area to a level that’s sufficient for destroying the targeted fat, it is possible to sculpt the body without causing any damage to the surrounding structures and tissues. Some redness and hardening of the treatment zone is normal after these procedures, but these aftereffects are entirely normal. The are also very mild, and they quickly abate on their own.

If you want to hone your focus in on a specific trouble zone, CoolSculpting® offers a safe and incredibly convenient solution. Learn more about this procedure at Juvanni Med Spa in Yonkers, NY. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!