How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Unwanted Fat And Keep It Off

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Unwanted Fat And Keep It Off

Whether you're a dedicated fitness enthusiast frustrated by elusive results, a busy executive too tired for the gym, or facing hormone-related weight gain, I have a non-surgical solution. Allow me to introduce you to a fat-freezing machine that non-surgically removes 10-15% of unwanted fat with each treatment. It's FDA-cleared for most of your body.This non-surgical fat reduction tool is known as CoolSculpting.

At Juvanni, we combine it with lifestyle changes in our food choices. Have you heard about Juvanni's Food Addict's Bootcamp? The modern lifestyle introduces fake-food designed to trigger addictive patterns by stimulating taste buds. Sugary, preservative-laden food has caused an obesity epidemic.

But don't worry! We have solutions to pacify your appetite center, helping you gain control over eating habits. Book a consultation to find out which program fits your lifestyle the best. However, no matter which diet plan you follow, it will only shrink your fat cells, not remove them completely. This means when you enjoy pizza or have a diet lapse, you'll likely regain weight. That's why I recommend combining lifestyle changes with CoolSculpting for a permanent solution. By the way, Coolsculpting can be repeated as often as you need. The company recommends a four month period between treating the same body part.

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Sofia D.