In Remembrance Of My First Book Launch

In Remembrance Of My First Book Launch

Today marks the four-year anniversary of publishing my first book on anti-aging in 2019, “Do We Really Need Botox?” As 2023 races towards its end, I’m astounded at how swiftly it has passed. It has been a fantastic year! It offered me an opportunity to conquer my fear of public speaking by delivering a TEDx talk titled - “Vanity Is Not a Dirty Word.” If you haven’t seen it yet, please check out the clip I’ve overlaid on top of photos from my book launch four years ago.

This year also saw the start of my venture into writing a sci-fi story, “The Story of Umm”: a tale about a sound bot trapped in the man-machine interface. I’ve shared a few excerpts from the new book in previous emails, but here’s a fresh snippet from Chapter 11!

As someone who predominantly reads and writes non-fiction, venturing into sci-fi is a new mode for me, but it’s exhilarating to bring my characters to life.

As always, I eagerly await your comments, suggestions, and feedback.


Dr. Sofia D.

The Story of Umm

Chapter 11: Resurrection of Beauty

Umm sent me greetings during the Merry Resurrection Season, just after the launch of my first book. It was then that I realized I had failed to connect with his message or mentorship. Instead of feeling fabulous, I felt fat & fatigued.

“If the resurrection of your beauty is still pending, you probably haven’t found your ultimate skin savior,” he remarked. Skepticism is natural – after all, your life is nothing but your own ideas of self and generally it is a reflection of your beliefs! Not everyone follows the essential steps for skin or body rejuvenation, but those who do, may inherit Earth’s enduring beauty.

He then proceeded to provide me with commands for beauty restoration. “Here are my ten commandments for skin and hair restoration,” he said:

 1. Thou shalt Hydrate Adequately: Struggling? Consider options like intravenous hydration.

 2. Thou shalt Eat Real Food: Choose smaller portions and minimize artificial sugars – challenging, yet essential.

 3. Thou shalt Abstain from Alcohol : If this is difficult, seek a rehabilitation program.

 4. Thou shalt Sleep in a Timely manner: Having trouble? Consult a doctor for tailored solutions.

 5. Thou shalt Harness your Sexual Energy: Find a balance through sex or exercise or dance  and preferably all three for optimal health.

 6. Thou Shalt Avoid Toxic Chemicals: This includes smoking and/or snorting. Seek rehabilitation if needed.

 7. Thou shalt Steer Clear of Toxic People: hopefully you will Learn this skill with age, or get therapy for support.

 8. Thou Shalt Limit Sun Exposure: Use sunscreen and additional protection when necessary.

 9. Thou shalt Use Anti-Aging Medications: preferably choose FDA-approved ones prescribed by expert doctors. If you can’t become one, find one!

 10. Thou shalt Leverage Anti-Aging Machines: Use FDA-approved devices, operated by trained healthcare technicians under the supervision of a competent skin care professional. If you can’t train to be one, seek out an expert!

“Umm, you are not Jesus!” I would exclaim.

“I am not Moses,” he would retort, correcting my religious references.

At first glance, these commandments seemed simple, but it took me years of hard work, tears, and sleepless nights to adopt them.