Increasing Your Time While On A Budget

Increasing Your Time While On A Budget

The supplements you need to preserve your system 

 My medical journey into the land of beauty took me through various studies of elements we use to treat your body each time we meet through time. 

It was fascinating to learn , relearn, unlearn and relearn anti-aging techniques and technologies! 

Harnessing the chemical and physical properties of FDA cleared or  approved products! 

When clients ask me if I have favorite tools, I can easily list my top 5! However they keep switching the spots in my mind’s inner lists . 

 As I live through the signals my body emits as I prepare for the pause, my favorites include:

  1. Skin tightening machines 
  2. Neurotoxin 
  3. Hyaluronic acid 
  4. Non surgical PDO threads 
  5. Anti-aging laser treatments
  6. Microneedling with RF
  7. Pelvic rejuvenation and machines
  8. Vibrational therapy/Gym/Yoga/Hiking/Sexercise
  9. Intravenous Skin & hair infusions of minerals and essential antioxidants and other trace supplements like high dose Vitamin C and Glutathione! 
  10. Restorative Sleep 💤 
  11. Nourishing food & drink (w & without Semaglutide and Coolsculpting) 
  12. Environment (both work:home) 
  13. Love is your light saber  and it leads to your journey into perfection. 
  14. Meditation and breathing exercises

 Out of all of these elements, if I had to pick three, what would you think I’ll pick? 

I’ll disclose my thoughts next week! 

If you are my client, I’d ask you to ask yourself this same question! 

 Remember, we are all on a budget! 

 Especially when it comes to the time you have allotted to your system! 

 To add more years to your beauty and/or time, these treatments become crucial. Since they are out of pocket costs, we have to keep our eyes on the prize (which is the health and wellness of your system!).

 Most of us have shoestring for a budget when it comes to health, wellness or beauty! 

 So if you can only pick 1 or 2 treatments this year even though you are inclined  to opt for more, what will it be? 

 Please read my next email to find my answers and why I, as a board certified family medical MD with over a decade of training in geriatric care and anti-aging, will choose what I pick in my 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s .. & beyond! 

 Looking forward to hearing your answers when I meet you next.

 Lots of love,

 Sofia D.