Intimacy Is A State Of Mind-Body Alignment

Intimacy Is A State Of Mind-Body Alignment

Please join Dr. Din's podcast where she interviews Dr. Sadaf Lodhi about pelvic health related questions.

🔥 Get ready to dive into a transformative experience where two experts ponder over Women's Health and Intimacy questions! 🔥

Join us LIVE with your Favorite Doctor at Juvanni, Dr. Sofia Din, as she interviews Dr. Sadaf Lodhi, DO, a trailblazer in OBGYN and women's wellness. This isn't just a talk; it's a revolution in understanding and empowering women in all matters of sexual health! 🌺

📅 *Date:* Sunday, December 10th

⏰ *Time:* 11 a.m. EST

📍 *Where:* Live on TikTok and YouTube

🔬 Discover groundbreaking insights and “real talk” on issues that touch every woman's life. This session is more than just a conversation; it's a beacon of hope and empowerment! 💪

📚 *Topics:*

- Women's Health Unveiled

- Navigating the Intimacy Landscape

- Secrets to Empowered Wellness

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- Gain expert knowledge from top professionals

- Engage in an empowering dialogue

- Ask YOUR questions and get real answers

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