Invest In Your Health!

Invest In Your Health!

Fighting off the virus is better than fighting the disease.

We compound high dose Vitamins C, B12 along with Thiamine, MIC and Glutathione offered in normal saline intravenous infusions. While it remains important to take these water-soluble vitamins orally, it is also the case that their absorption and bio-availability are limited when taken by mouth, however when taken intravenously their bioavailability is over 90%. Where they assist the body in boosting reserves for your immune system to function with vigor and resiliency.

Currently IV infusion are not covered by insurance however we are helping our clients to work out alternate solutions.

Having a healthy immune system is essential to fighting off the virus and IV vitamin infusion are medically proven for this purpose.

Rest assured we are still committed to providing our valued customers as well as healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters and all other first responders with ongoing immune boosting and health maintenance services.