It’s a great day to thank all front-line staff

It’s a great day to thank all front-line staff

It’s a great day to Thank your doctors , nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, home health aides , radiology techs, respiratory therapists, cleaning staff of the

hospitals and offices(in my case also my home), the people who cook & clean for us when we are sick or busy…

Not only thank them today but also be nice to them for the next two years and after that learn from the lessons of 2020 and 2021 !!

Oh and also pls follow science and people who have dedicated their lives to not just science but also the healing and uplifting of their fellow humans. One such person is Dr Damania.

I am still collecting evidence so I can convince him that my plan for primary prevention for my clients will help prevent the spread of the pandemic. But in the midst of a storm it’s so difficult to catch anyone’s attention. Let alone the attention of really important people who are also doctors and in reality doing God’s work.

So as I make attempts to spread my message of basic health and primary prevention for novel corona to my patients and clients I will find time to reach out to important people who are capable of impacting healthcare.

You never know. This may work! It will surely help, ease the pressure off of the hospitals.

Thank the front-line workers!