IV Supplements for your pauses

IV Supplements for your pauses

At Juvanni, I source supplements for our infusions from some of the best compounding pharmacies across the United States. Normally, all supplements are laden with preservatives to increase their shelf life; however, at our office we go to extensive lengths to ensure that our supplements are as preservative-free as possible. Because our supplements are preservative-free, they need to be ordered on a monthly basis for our clients.

  Even though using supplements and minerals with preservatives would help us reduce the cost of the treatments, I decided early on to avoid them entirely in our infusions. I also decided to only target the clients who wished their supplements to be preservative-free, because at Juvanni we understood  that "the quality of your infusion depends upon the amount of preservatives that it carries."

  Some of my infusion formulas have evolved over the past nine years, and I am pleased to inform you that the current infusion contains as many as 15 distinct water-soluble nutrients. I have named my 2024 cocktail XQR5. Which includes high doses of B-vitamins and my all-time favorite brain enhancer, Glutathione. 

 To find out if these vitamin infusions are suitable for you, please call or text 914-368-6609. 

 Lots of love, 

 Dr. Sofia Din