June 9th marks over decade of anti-aging services

June 9th marks over decade of anti-aging services

June 9th marks over a decade of anti-aging services at Juvanni. As a doctor and entrepreneur, Juvanni will always be one of my all-time favorite companies that I have worked for!

Today, I feel tremendous love and gratitude for each and every person whom I have cared for over the years as I trained in the realm of beauty. I firmly believe in destiny, and if our paths have crossed, it’s because you were meant to teach me something—and I am a fast learner!

Oh, one more thing: While pursuing beauty, I also found health and wellness! Let me explain: my training at Juvanni didn’t end with learning skincare and beauty treatments. I realized that for anti-aging to truly manifest, one must also be connected with health and wellness. This led me to a transformative journey into integrative approaches in medicine. One of my favorite procedures at Juvanni is intravenous supplements, loved by so many of our clients for their benefits to energy, skin, and hair.

 If you are an existing client, thank you for being a part of Juvanni’s story! Thank you for showing my team and me your support, encouragement, and love for over a decade.

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.