Juvanni Beauty Tips 2024

Juvanni Beauty Tips 2024

Here is a list of Juvanni Beauty tips for 2024. Most of them are free and require only your motivation and willpower to incorporate in your life. However, some are out-of-pocket costs, but will be the best things money can buy.

  Let these tips serve as a roadmap for improving your personal connection with your body:

  1. Thou shalt Hydrate your body , if you have trouble doing it appropriately; Consider options like intravenous hydration.

 2. Thou shalt Eat Real Food: preferably in small amounts and loaded with less sugar 

 3. Thou shalt Abstain from Alcohol : If you are addicted , pls seek rehabilitation, 

 4. Thou shalt Sleep in a Timely manner: preferably a few hours before midnight !

 5. Thou shalt Harness your Sexual Energy: Find a balance through sex or exercise or dance  and preferably synchronize all three activities for optimal health.

 6. Thou Shalt Avoid Toxic Chemicals: This includes smoking or abuse of other harmful substances. If unable to control, pls Seek rehabilitation if needed.

 7. Thou shalt Steer Clear of Toxic People: hopefully you will Learn this skill with age, otherwise seek therapy for training.

 8. Thou Shalt Limit Sun Exposure: Use sunscreen and additional protection when necessary.

 9. Thou shalt Use Anti-Aging Medications to proactively support your mind & body complex : preferably choose FDA-approved medicines,  prescribed by doctors who train in this field. If you can’t become one, go find one!

 10. Thou shalt Leverage Anti-Aging Machines to proactively support your mind & body complex : Use FDA-approved devices, operated by trained healthcare technicians under the supervision of a competent physician. If you can’t train to be one, seek out an expert!

I hope these tips help you experience your time on this planet with health, joy and beauty.

Lots of love,

Dr. Sofia D.