Keeping Records Of Your Beauty At Juvanni

Keeping Records Of Your Beauty At Juvanni

Someday when I am ready to compile my client diaries, there will be so many interesting stories to share! 

Beauty records fade away fast and become irrelevant in the absence of routine maintenance  and upkeep! 

This weekend my memories on Facebook reminded me of this video of me from 2018, where I am doing anti-aging treatments for this beautiful person! 

 Someday when I have more time, I will also write the story of how I met Frankie! 

 Working with the loveliest of faces doesn’t always mean that I get to see them regularly, because many times I come across them after several years and they have let their faces and personalities alter and change! 

 Of course I love to watch faces I work on, progress to better versions of their true inner self! 

 Changing your beauty doctors can be a gamble! All we can do is to hope  that  it’s an upgrade and doesn’t lead to a deformity or destruction of your beauty’s inner light!

 Wishing everyone a happy February, a month we devote to all things "love".

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.