Lift yourself out of the

Lift yourself out of the "pause" with Femilift

The natural course of a woman's life, after she is done with the reproductive processes of her body, leads her to an inevitable pause. This pause, also known as menopause, heralds the beginning of the decline of your body's various systems. Menopause not only affects the levels of some very important hormones in your body, but it can also impact your pelvic health. Women routinely face problems like:Vaginal drynessPainful intercourseUrinary incontinence A decade ago, the only solutions available to women were surgical bladder lifts or different pills that could barely control the incontinence symptoms. However, over the past decade, new laser technology has revolutionized pelvic health for women. We can lift you out of your pause and laxity, non-surgically and without having to take daily pills with undesirable side effects! Hallelujah! The problem you'll face is that these treatments, even though very effective and FDA cleared, are not covered by your insurance and remain out-of-pocket costs! At Juvanni, we offer financing for qualified candidates. For more info, please book a complimentary consultation. Please also check out this video where I am treating a client with this CO2 laser called Femilift. Usually, three treatments are recommended initially to treat vaginal laxity, and they are followed by yearly maintenance treatments if needed. As always, I welcome your feedback and questions. You can call or text me at 914-368-6609 Lots of love, Sofia D 

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