Lifting your beauty out of the

Lifting your beauty out of the "Pause" (menopause, perimenopause and andropause)

Your Beauty is like a banana. It rots when you stop tending to it. It’s less inconvenient when you are younger. But for most of you, it departs as you journey through perimenopause, menopause, or, if you are a man, andropause. These post middle-age pauses are also the time when you begin saying goodbye to your beautiful, vibrant, succulent, sexy skin from the younger years. But, thankfully, this sad ending of life’s story is not applicable to everyone.

 Because some of us have access to FDA-approved and cleared medications and machines. These are designed to help people stay connected with the favorite versions of their evolving selves for a little while longer! This connection with your beauty is established and maintained through the decades when you meet your favorite beauty doctors!

 In this video, please check out me on a play date with one of my lovely clients! She is a Spanish speaker, so my medical assistant Deysi can be seen translating in the background! As you can see, I am injecting her and she is complaining about her nose because it reminds her of her father's nose. To  me, it looked just fine. Discussions of being comfortable with your nose is part of selfcare and self-love. This is a routine visit for her and she has been numbed with a topical anesthetic! I gave her a little bit of a non-surgical nose-lift, because just like the rest of our face, our nose starts to hang a little lower than where it used to.

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  Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.