Lifting Your Sexual Function Out Of Its Pause With Alma Duo

Lifting Your Sexual Function Out Of Its Pause With Alma Duo

If you are a man suffering from eréctil dysfunction or a woman suffering from decreased libido, you might want to know about this machine: Juvanni Med Spa was one of the first offices to train and offer Alma Duo treatments when it received FDA clearance in January 2021.

It uses a well-known method of delivering ultrasound energy, also known as shock wave technology. This energy, when applied to specific areas of your pelvis, promotes blood flow and new blood vessel formation in treated areas (a process known as angiogenesis). This allows your body to regain the function it’s beginning to lose.

It’s a 15-minute treatment that's not only completely non-surgical but also totally pain-free. However, it needs to be initiated when your erectile dysfunction is still in its early stages.  usually like to recommend these treatments as you begin your perimenopause or andropause. 

It’s "not" recommended if your urologist has you started on mega doses of Viagra or Cialis; this may not work. If you have cancer or are recovering from the impact of cancer, Alma treatments may not be suitable.

At Juvanni, Alma treatments can be combined with Testosterone or B12/MIC energy shots for added enhancement.

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Sofia D.

P.S. To learn more, click here. Please watch this video of me from 2 years ago explaining Alma Duo. It also has some clips of a patient actually getting a treatment while filling out our IIEF evaluation forms.