"Longevity Medicine" is an attempt to rebrand Anti-aging Medications & Energy Devices

"Longevity Medicine" is an attempt to rebrand Anti-aging Medications & Energy Devices

Another year older is merely an illusion of numbers and seasons! However, anti-aging and beauty demand different types of time-halting protocols in self-care. When you embrace this concept, you begin to grasp the core principles of longevity medicine!

 If you use social media, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “longevity medicine” being thrown about so often these days. It’s essentially a rebranding of anti-aging concepts, medications and energy devices, designed to help you prolong the quality of your existence for the remainder of your time.

 At Juvanni, we personally believe that sometimes adding quality can even add more time to your life, and we hope this helps you become the best version of your genetic code!

 Meanwhile, “aesthetic anti-aging” is a subcategory of longevity medicine, which is a rapidly expanding offshoot of modern medicine into beauty and cosmetics. It’s a lifestyle that offers a complete set of choices!

 What are the benefits behind reducing the appearance of wrinkles on certain parts of your body? Is it just cosmetic? Or are we missing a psychological link? Why should you need to develop these skills to understand the mindscape and scope of the anti-aging mindset?

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