Love At First Shot @ Juvanni

Love At First Shot @ Juvanni

If you swim in a pond filled with your favorite moisturizer, hydrate, move your body daily, sleep and eat well: your skin will still not erase the signs of your body’s aging!

For appropriate anti-aging results, you will need to get anti-aging medications from an experienced injector near you. These medications are given in the form of injections by people who train for years to become your favorite skin tailors.

At Juvanni, you will have the pleasure of meeting some of the best trained injectors in town.

If you have never experienced anti-aging injections and are getting tired of expensive topical potions that don’t work and want to stop your chronic skin failure from taking over your perception of self, give us a call ☎️

As always, I would love to hear from you and look forward to answering any skincare questions. You can text or call me at 9143686609


Dr. Sofia D.

P.S. Please also check out my official TEDx talk where I talk about the importance of anti-aging in the age of longer lifespans! To check out my Tedx Talk, click here