May the Force of Sound be with you!

May the Force of Sound be with you!

This May 4th, I am offering a one-day special on two of my favorite anti-aging technologies that harness the power of sound waves. These medical-grade, FDA-approved frequencies are transmitted directly to your body.

 Come bend time in your favor with Ultherapy and/or Alma Duo! Ultherapy is an FDA-approved, non-surgical facelift performed using targeted ultrasound, which restores your aging skin to its youthful resilience. Alma Duo, meanwhile, is a shockwave laser treatment, FDA-cleared for both men and women, designed to restore blood flow and promote tissue healing, creating the lift that your pelvic floor desires after menopause or andropause!

 To book a consultation with me, please call or text my team at 914-368-6609.

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.