Melting The Pocket OF Fat Under Your Chin With Kybella

Melting The Pocket OF Fat Under Your Chin With Kybella

Sometimes, people ask me why fat accumulates at the bottom of their chins. From my observations, fat tends to accumulate more quickly in areas of the body where the skin has lost its elasticity. This can occur around your belly, or more visibly, under your chin.

 In cases where the areas are too small to be treated with a machine, we use a different method. One of my favorite treatments is Kybella (deoxycholic acid), which is an  FDA approved injectable medication that targets and non-surgically removes unwanted fat. Typically, multiple treatments are recommended to achieve the desired results.

 One side effect of Kybella is that it requires a few days of downtime. It initially causes swelling in the treated areas, which resolves over the following week. Therefore, in my opinion, this treatment is best undertaken when you can wear scarves or turtleneck tops to comfortably conceal the swelling.

 I love to combine it with other skin-tightening modalities to preserve the contour of your under-chin, jawline, and neck.

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 Lots of love,

 Sofia Din, MD