Mind Moves Matter

Mind Moves Matter

Please checkout an excerpt from one of my upcoming presentations on "Mind Moves Matter":

"Before we delve into the dynamics of how the mind influences matter, let’s first deconstruct the concept of the mind itself. The mind transcends the boundaries of our brain. It encompasses the entirety of our experiences, thoughts, and actions—a complex tapestry woven from the threads of our consciousness. 

 The brain serves as a receptacle, a sophisticated receiver of information from the body and its surroundings, continuously sculpting our consciousness over time. Our bodies act as vessels, enabling the brain to translate thoughts into tangible actions. Despite our apparent similarities, each individual is distinctly unique. This uniqueness stems from the way our “hardware” and “software” evolve over time, manifesting in nuanced expressions of our selves.

 Philosophers and neuroscientists alike affirm that our perception of the world is constructed within our minds before it materializes in reality. 

 To trace the origins of the mind, one must venture back to the embryonic stage of life. It is here that the brain and skin cells begin to differentiate from the neuroectoderm—the outermost layer of the embryo. This process lays the foundational blueprint for our sensory apparatus, including our eyes, which stand as the sole external manifestations of the brain. 

 Therefore, it is not a stretch to assert that the mind, powered by the collective force of our senses, possesses the remarkable ability to influence matter, provided it is honed with intention and focus." 

 I hope you enjoyed my first draft on this very important topic that is very close to my heart. I look forward to any feedback and comments. Wishing everybody a blessed Easter over the weekend.

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.