O' Lord, Let's Find You Your Skin Tailor!

O' Lord, Let's Find You Your Skin Tailor!


If you are hesitant to make up your mind and have mixed feelings about anti-aging treatments, because now all your friends who recommended it, look super over filled and fake! Then this message is for you!

Find yourself a super experienced injector! What is a "super experienced injector"? Setting aside outliers, it takes a decade to become great at injecting. It’s like tailoring, except that in this case, someone is tailoring your facial skin, which can alter your perception of self if done incorrectly, over and over again! Your skin is the most expensive fabric that you’ll ever possess! And your injector must treat it with respect!

So, if you are scared of anti-aging treatments, please don’t be! It’s very safe in experienced hands and you'll look very natural when it's done correctly. I wish you best of luck in finding your right fit!

As always, I would love to hear from you and welcome any questions! Please feel free to text or call 914-368-6609


Dr. Sofia D