Ode To Tithonus In The Haus of Cicada

Ode To Tithonus In The Haus of Cicada

The awareness of self and its worth is not in the brand of bag you carry, nor the expensive jewels you accumulate, nor the watches you love to collect.

The awareness of self that we at Juvanni like to propose starts with the integrity of the system of mind-body function you chose to maintain over your lifespan!

Over the last 15 years, it’s been my experience that people in America age like Tithonus despite using astronomical healthcare dollars to extend their lifespans. They spend the last decade of their life battling diseases that are best managed preventatively.

For those of you who don’t know the story of Tithonus, he is the guy who was granted perpetual life by the Greek Goddess of Dawn Aurora because she fell in love with his beauty and song. However, she forgot to add the very essential side order of eternal youth and perpetual rejuvenation. According to some versions of that Greek myth, Tithonus just got so old, feeble and haggard that Aurora had pity on him and turned him into a cicada (the cricket that sings all night) in an attempt to spare him the humiliation and drudgery of aging helplessly.

“Haus of Cicada” is not the nursing home you wish to join anytime soon. It strikes horror upon our nerves because it’s the place where your wails will go unheard by the on-duty staff as you prepare for your painful departure from all the prior versions of your identity through loss of memory and mind.

So, whether you pay your taxes this season, or receive refunds, if you decide to buy your next favorite object of desire, like a fancy expensive watch, make sure it’s capable of sending you the reminders for the times you also need to spend with your favorite anti-aging doctor.

For some of you it’s me, at Juvanni.

If I am the only skin tailor of choice for you, please know that I am honored and grateful. I have dedicated decades of my existence in learning the science and tools of anti-aging. I am confident that my protocols will take you much further than anyone else in this arena 

 because we are simply better equipped and rigorously trained to manage your aging.

This Easter, I send you my rejuvenating & healing love to resurrect your skin with an Eid gift. This will also be relevant for the homies who celebrate the upcoming end of fasting through the holy month of Ramadan. Please check out my "Eid on Easter Special" with a baby dose of Botox!

Viva la beauty!


Sofia D.

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