On International Health Day

On International Health Day

The wellness of your system depends upon a variety of factors. 

 Most of those factors are in your control and free of cost:

  1. Adequate hydration
  2. Proper sleep routine
  3. Moving your body routinely and at times even vigorously(especially in bed <wink>)
  4. Nutrition based on real food i.e. (food that’s not prepared in a factory, packaged or laden with preservatives)
  5. Daily meditative & breath-work practices
  6. Abstinence from toxic substances and people, I can identify the top two toxic substances for you & help you identify the number 3 toxic substance for each one of you, because the third element is individually unique for everyone! This may require an in person appointment with the skin specialist you see in our office! 

 Anyway the top 2 substances you must curtail entirely or neutralize its impact are

  1. Alcohol
  2. Sugar

 The top 2 or 3 toxic people you’ll have to identify yourself. Sometimes they coexist across all your decades and sometimes they shape shift into different decades. And should you need a consultation with a shrink to decipher this, my office can guide you. Once you disentangle your hard wiring from the softer wiring of the outer matrix of your life, you’ll be pleased to know that modern medicine now offers solutions to many (if not most) of your problems. We have FDA cleared and approved medications and machines to allow you agency over how swiftly or slowly your system will disintegrate through time. Even a low level artificial intelligence bot can help you identify the different stages of your face and body , before you die, or as I say, cease to exist in our realm, and instead become one with the creator’s canvas in this universe all over again. Perhaps you’ll be reincarnated or else you’ll  just become a silent spectator in the form of top soil on this or that planet. 

On international health day, i must admit we still haven’t learned to halt time for our system yet. The most brilliant minds couldn’t be saved before us. But we have learned to slow it down considerably.

 Therefore for this health day, I wish for health to be put back into healthcare and may everyone get a chance to win the race of life as a human.

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D. 

 P.S. Please check out the backend videos/pics of me acting for the first ever time in a video for Rina David, a singer based in New York, as she was filming for one of her upcoming hymns for Easter at Juvanni.