Options for Non-surgical Fat Removal

Options for Non-surgical Fat Removal

People frequently inquire about the differences and similarities between these two modalities. Here are some key points:

 1) Kybella requires a few days of downtime, with swelling in the treatment areas for several days, whereas CoolSculpting has no downtime. 

2) Kybella is an injectable medication, while CoolSculpting involves fat freezing through a machine. 

3) The cost per area for both Kybella and CoolSculpting is similar, ranging from $1250 to $1500 per area. 

4) Both treatments may require multiple sessions to achieve desired results: Kybella can be repeated every 8 weeks, while CoolSculpting can be repeated every 3 to 5 months. 

 Last but not least, I always recommend incorporating regular exercise, adequate sleep, good hydration, healthy eating habits, meditation, and avoiding toxic substances such as alcohol, excessive sugar, cigarette smoking, and negative influences. These practices complement your anti-aging journey and facilitate optimal body healing.

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Dr. Sofia D.

P.S. For your convenience I have created this table to list the similarities and differences between these two non-surgical fat-removal modalities. 

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 P.P.S. In 2024, I am also recommending slim-shots with Semaglutide for our weight management and fat reduction programs for longer lasting and enhanced results.