Peeling the Layers

Peeling the Layers

At Juvanni, one of my initial distractions when learning about skincare was chemical peels. I tinkered with every single type! I tried them on all skin types, and on men and women of all ages. However, I didn’t find them pleasant, and I noticed no significant differences in preventing aging. That’s when I decided to stop using them, and I haven’t missed them for a day.

 I don’t hate them, but I am not a believer in their importance.

 I don’t like causing chemical trauma to the surface of my fabric, especially since there are so many enhanced tools—like lasers and other energy devices—that clear it faster and with less toxicity.

 I know some of you love them, and to each their own. I won’t recommend them. And yes, there may be exceptions, because peels are cheaper. 

 If your skin were an onion, would I peel it layer by layer?

 Personally, I believe in binding the layers together, attempting to restore the overall fabric with other energy devices, such as ultrasonic, light, or radiofrequency devices.

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 Dr. Sofia D.