Pelvic Anti-aging At Juvanni

Pelvic Anti-aging At Juvanni

Alma Duo is a remarkable technology that harnesses the energy of sound to promote blood flow and angiogenesis in the penis and clitoral areas. It is now FDA-cleared for both men and women in the department of sexual health and longevity.

 Dinner dates don’t have to start with pill-popping (Viagra/Cialis) on empty stomachs.

 Erectile dysfunction in men starts insidiously in their 40s and 50s. Historically, pills like Viagra and Cialis, which can increase blood supply to your private pelvic organs by dilating vessels, have been the only solutions available to men. We have used them in topical lotions and potions (scream creams) for women too. But now, things are getting interesting as our tools and methods become more sophisticated. Alma Duo is one such machine—a great new tool in our repertoire for new-age anti-aging and sexual function maintenance for both men and women.

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 Dr. Sofia D.